Biodegradable Products

Supply since 2008

Our Story

  Plastic pollution has become a serious problem for any country. If we do not change our strategy, plastic trash in the ocean will be more than fish in the future.
We have been looking for solutions for a long time, hoping to find materials that can replace plastic products without increasing people’s living costs. We started to research and produce biodegradable products since 2008. At that time, people’s understanding of plastic pollution was not sufficient, and these products were not widely demanded. As people’s awareness of environmental protection increased, more and more people are willing to reduce the use of plastic products. Biodegradable or compostable products may not be the final solution, but it is an important step for us to solve the problem of plastic pollution. We hope to provide more eco-friendly choices for your healthy life, replace plastic products, increase the number of repeated uses, and contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution on our planet

Our Mission

Helping people increase environmental awareness. we will provide customers with more plastic substitutes without much disrupiton of anyone’s daily life , and ultimately contribute to reducing plastic pollution on the earth.


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