Dine with our biodegradable tableware & kitchenware for a sustainable dining experience

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Dining in leaf plates is not something only for ancient survivalists and naturalists. Many companies around the world have come up with innovative and sustainable tableware designs which are made entirely from plants or by by-products. These single-use yet biodegradable tableware have made dining and backyard barbeque much more fun and sustainable.

Biodegradable tableware includes meal plates, soup bowls, cutlery, chopsticks, straw, burger boxes, salad boxes, and lunch boxes for your environment-savior kids. Since they naturally biodegrade in the environment, they do not pose a severe threat to the health of the environment and wildlife, as plastic does. This way you will also contribute to the health of our Earth.

Single-use plastic is one of the worst man-made inventions. It is one of the largest contributors to plastic waste globally. The use of disposable plastic meal plates, bowls, cutlery, and straws is common in urban households. Packaged plastic cutlery finds its way to our homes with takeaway orders and is kept aside for later use, particularly during dining events. But, these single-use products deemed worthless to be washed are simply disposed of. Waste bins and landfills around the city are brimming over with these products. This has a terrible impact on our environment. Unfortunately, this has been happening for years.

Plastic would split (when applied pressure), but it takes it over 1000 years to biodegrade. Unless it is recycled, it ends up in piles of waste at landfill sites. On its way down to the depths of the ocean, its foul waterways as it breaks into microplastics, the toxic substances for marine animals, and not to mention, humans too. The ban and the heavy taxes levied on single-use plastic are not enough to outlaw its use, let alone reduce the amount of waste produced. We need to change our to-go culture for tableware alternatives. During old times, we didn’t have ways to stop this and plastic was our essential need, but luckily, we have a solution. And this is where eco-friendly tableware comes into the picture.

Now is the high time to use sustainable and compostable tableware and cutlery that offers the ease of single-use plastics without turning into waste and endangering our ecosystems. Made with renewable raw materials like cornstarch, wheat straw, and PLA, these products ensure minimal environmental impact while paving the way for a greener dining event and ultimately lifestyle. For this purpose, let me introduce you to Green Material Products.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

Green Material Products:

Eco-friendly kitchenware and tableware are excellent alternatives for those looking to reduce their plastic footprint at home. By using these products, you will not only contribute to saving humans but also marine life. Before, we had no alternative to plastic, but now times have changed. We should do our best in saving the environment because this is the place where we live. If we continue our use of plastic then sadly soon our source of natural resources will be finished. They are already available to us in a very limited amount. We should try our best to conserve them, and if you are looking to conserve them, then you should shop for biodegradable, compostable tableware and plastic substitutes from a reliable and sustainable outlet, Green Materials Products is the best choice for you.

Our company started the chain of supplying biodegradable and compostable products in 2008. It promises to promote environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly zero-waste products. The products comply with the EU EN13432 standard and the US ASTM D6400 standard. Moreover, Green Material Products also passed EU OK COMPOST certification, EU COMPOSTABLE certification, and US BPI certification. All of this helps you cherish your meals while reducing your dependency on plastic and your environmental impact.

Over 12 years, Green Material Products now offers a one-stop-shop for biodegradable products and bio-based raw materials and other plastic substitutes. You can also get your customized brand designs on primary wheat straw-colored tableware, plastic bags, and substitutes.

Green Material Products provides a wide range of biodegradable and disposable tableware to choose from. They have a variety of products that you use in your daily life. The products include;

  1. Meal Plate
  2. Cutlery
  3. PLA or Paper Straw
  4. Hamburger Box
  5. Salad Box
  6. Soup Bowl
  7. Chocolate Trays and
  8. Lunch Box

Here are our best biodegradable and compostable tableware and cutlery products to make your dining even more sustainable. One person can make an impact. When you start using eco-friendly products, people who know you will also use them, and people who know them will also use them. This way, one person can make an impact on saving the motherland. You should not be missing these eco-friendly products out at your dining’s:

1- Green Material Products 5-grid Meal Plates:

The Green Material Products’ meal plates are made with degradable renewable wheat straw. The lid is made of PLA or paper pulp, making it an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam or disposable plates. The five-grid meal plate or lunch box keeps the hot and cold dishes separate and is grease-resistant and microwave-safe.

 The wheat straw meal plate is ideal for use at indoor and outdoor gatherings and dining. The product comes in primary wheat straw color. Being organic, plates are commercially compostable, so you can enjoy your meal and events to the fullest without adding waste to the environment.

 You can now order a package of 250 pieces 28cm by 24cm wheat straw-based disposable dinner plates at Green Material Products online.

3- Green Material Products Cutlery

The next product on our list is the Green Material Products’ disposable degradable cutlery. Th3 Green Material Products disposable degradable cutlery is made with degradable renewable wheat straw. The lid is made of PLA or paper pulp, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to fragile plastic cutlery. Moreover, all the items in the set, i.e., spoon, fork, and knife, come in primary wheat straw color.

The biodegradable cutlery is ideal for use in everyday meals. Wheat straw cutlery is compostable so that you can enjoy your meal on the go. You can also compost the degradable cutlery in your backyard. Get your hands on eco-friendly wheat straw-based cutlery at Green Material Products. You don’t want to miss these items!

2- Green Material Products PLA Straws

We use straws in our daily lives for various purposes. While drinking juices, cold drinks, water, etc., straws are used. WE cannot decrease the use of straw because it is essential in daily life. Therefore, an alternative should be used which can save the environment and therefore Green Material products have bought you this biodegradable straw!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

The Green Material Products PLA eco-friendly straws are made from biodegradable PLA or paper pulp, a better alternative to single-use plastic straws. PLA straws will not get soggy and are functional for up to 24 hours. The design of the 1.2cm by 23cm straws can be uniquely customized. You can buy excellent products online at Green Material Products and celebrate your plastic straw-free month with nature-friendly straws (10,000 per package). WoW!

1- Green Material Products Soup Bowl

The Green Material Products list includes another amazing product called ‘ soup bowl’. Made with degradable renewable wheat straw and the lid made of PLA or paper pulp, these bowls are a nature-friendly alternative to plastic. The 65mm by 65mm, dipping sauce bowl, has a capacity of 25oz. It is also grease-resistant and microwave-safe. The product comes in primary wheat straw color.

Our plant-based dipping bowls are commercially compostable, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without adding up small plastic packaged waste to the environment. These are equally suitable for hot and cold liquid foods. You are such a good human for saving mother Earth. The Earth probably loves you for using these products!

Order a package of 1000 pieces wheat straw-based disposable dipping bowls or soup bowls at Green Material Products online.

1- Green Material Products Gridded Lunch Box

The Green Material Products two gridded biodegradable lunch box is made from plant-based renewable material i.e., wheat straw and comes with a PLA lid. You can use these gridded lunch boxes at picnics or for school or office lunches.

The gridded lunch boxes come in multiple sizes and up to 1000mL volumetric capacities. These eco-friendly lunch boxes are perfect for school-going kids who can enjoy delicious snacks and boast of their familial green lifestyle.

1- Green Material Products Salad Box

Keep a healthy waistline by eating fresh salad served in eco-friendly plant-based salad boxes. These special eco-friendly salad boxes are made with wheat straw and a tight PLA seal/lid. Our salad boxes are best for fresh and healthy cold salads.

With our eco-friendly gridded lunch box, you need a salad box because WHO DOESN’T LOVE SALAD. Salad is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. For you people, we have also come up with salad boxes, which are also eco-friendly. These boxes are specially built in to keep salad.

Like most of our products, it will naturally degrade within 2-3 months. You are an amazing person for saving our future generations from the bad side effects of plastic.

1- Green Material Products Hamburger Box:

Next product you should not miss out on this list in the Hamburger box from Green material products. This box is specially designed to keep your hamburger. Like others, it is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This disposable hamburger box from Green material Products is made up of wheat straw. This wheat straw is what makes this environment friendly. It is 20 g in weight, and you will get 500 pieces in one box. Wow!

You can use these boxes if you have a hamburger shop or recommend it to someone who you know has one. This way your food will be stored in a good place. When a person who runs a hamburger market uses it, he can give a secret message to everyone who comes there to save the environment, and more people will make their efforts for the environment. You can also buy these for home use and give your kids lunch in these biodegradable hamburger boxes.

1- Green Material Products Chocolate Trays:

Last but not least on this list of Biodegradable products from Green Material Products is Chocolate trays. From the name, you can guess something about chocolates (yummy), and if you guessed chocolate, you are right.

This biodegradable chocolate tray is made from wheat straw. It is made in a way to store chocolates. Each tray weighs 25g, and there are a total of 440 pieces in each box.

It has a circular shape if you are storing melted chocolates, but if your chocolates already have a shape, you can easily store them in these bridgeable chocolate trays. And one more benefit that I see is that your kids will never guess that the chocolates are in this biodegradable tray when it’s kept in it. So, you can store the chocolates for a long time and prevent the chocolates from being eaten by the kids.

Each tray offers you a place to keep a total of 12 chocolates. These trays are capable of being destroyed by bacteria which means they are not a threat to the environment. We should try our best to stop our use of plastic in our daily lives and continue using eco-friendly products. We should also teach children this and one of the best ways to teach is to teach them by action. When you do contribute to saving the habitat so will the young generation.


Billions of plastic waste are dumped every day into our oceans, disturbing the aquatic food chain and threatening the wildlife. It’s high time to ditch single-use plastic cutlery and tableware. Stock your pantry with eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable tableware and cutlery from Green Material Products for your everyday meals, outdoor dining, and parties. With biodegradable products, you’ll not only reduce the amount of waste produced but also keep harmful toxins and chemicals from contaminating your ecosystem.

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